Monday, June 20, 2016

Mature Fashion: F/W 2016 Look # 4 Animal Prints

Animal prints are still going strong for F/W 2016.  To the far left is the royal blue at home ensemble I wore quite a bit in FW 2015.  This was one of my favorite outfits and  I will continue to wear it well into FW 2016.   I will change the hat to the Black reversible leopard shown below and exchange the moto boots for the black Munro ankle boots I invested in FW 2014. (They look somewhat brown in this picture but they are really black). 

This is a good example of a simple change in accessories freshening a look.  It is also a prime example of why I keep a rather large selection of accessories. 

The cap is totally reversible and can be all black or all leopard should I choose to wear it that way.  I do have leopard boots also, and as you can see, a leopard handbag.  My personal styling preferences would prevent me from wearing any more than two items in my ensemble with this print, but I might opt to wear the leopard vest and boots and a solid black handbag and cap.  I also have leopard bracelets and earrings, all tucked away for the appropriate ensemble.

I swear by Munro shoes;  they are the most comfortable footwear. They are the absolute perfect heel; high enough to add sophistication and length  to my somewhat short legs, and low enough to wear all day.  I have several pair of Munro shoes, and I love them all.

I mentioned earlier that animal prints are continuing the trend through out the fall and winter. I have also seen a few looks in Resort wear 2017.

I do not have much in the way of colored animal prints (1 pair of red snakeskin narrow legged pants) but I do have a lot of the neutrals.  I do enjoy the animal prints and treat them as a classic; they always return to style, and most of my animal prints are conservatively cut. (I do expect the rage to die down within a season or two and lay dormant until the rage again re-appears).
As you can see, I keep a few accessories in animal prints.  In addition to the pictured items, I also have the brown leopard in a silk fabric.  I also have the black and white tiger print in silk.

Of course, I have to have a leopard handbag.  It has paid for itself many times over the years.  I will probably always love it as a statement look with all black pieces; the same is true of the Kors grey snake skin handbag.  I always love it with my grey capsule pieces

My personal "looks" were inspired by the
F/W 2016 runway shows viewed on; Veronique, #27 and #28, Topshop #2, Bottega Veneta #4, Dries Van Nolen #1, #9, Emanuel Ungaro #9 and #10, Givency #3, and REbecca Minkoff #8

Once again, thank you, Vogue

Friday, June 10, 2016

Mature Fashion : F/W 2016: Look #3 Funtime Fur

 Before anyone starts in about animal furs, I want t to let you know right up front that all the fur you see to you left is artificial fur!  The manufacturing process today is so good that most of the "fur" is so luxurious it feels as good as the real thing, and actually wears a whole lot better, and does not have the care or the expense ( I remember when women had to pay a refrigeration service to keep the furs cool in summer).

Notice that I have three different fluffy fur collars; one in black, one in greyish-white,  and one in a lovely cocoa brown.  I plan of wearing them with sweaters and blazers this fall.

To the left I found a golden beige that I spiked with black, crimson, and a royal blue (doesn't show up too well in the picture),   Of special note are the colorful furs of fall dyed in wild colors that present a whimsical carnival atmosphere.

 To your left you see the reproduction white fur clutch shown on the runway this spring. I was able to create my own version for far less money .  The purse I got on sale at DSW. Including the cost of the fabric dye, I spent less than $20.00 for my own take on this fall/winter fashion.  I plan on wearing it with my white quilted parka...of course, I have not tried on these ensembles yet, but that is my plan (It is too darned hot to try these outfits on now, and you know I am behind on my styling....but, at least I can show you what I have in mind...) 

You will also see two of the combinations I wore this last winter,  They transition beautifully into 2016 fashion.  I will "tweak" the looks by exchanging the turban for a Basque army beret (larger then the French classic) and the Greek sailor cap for the classic beret.  I will also exchange the moto boots for ankle boots but the rest of the outfits will remain the same. Both these looks will continue to get a lot of wear this fall; my favorite kind of outfit; comfortable, flattering, can be worn almost anywhere (and are), practical, and economical...what more can I ask?