Monday, June 20, 2016

Mature Fashion: F/W 2016 Look # 4 Animal Prints

Animal prints are still going strong for F/W 2016.  To the far left is the royal blue at home ensemble I wore quite a bit in FW 2015.  This was one of my favorite outfits and  I will continue to wear it well into FW 2016.   I will change the hat to the Black reversible leopard shown below and exchange the moto boots for the black Munro ankle boots I invested in FW 2014. (They look somewhat brown in this picture but they are really black). 

This is a good example of a simple change in accessories freshening a look.  It is also a prime example of why I keep a rather large selection of accessories. 

The cap is totally reversible and can be all black or all leopard should I choose to wear it that way.  I do have leopard boots also, and as you can see, a leopard handbag.  My personal styling preferences would prevent me from wearing any more than two items in my ensemble with this print, but I might opt to wear the leopard vest and boots and a solid black handbag and cap.  I also have leopard bracelets and earrings, all tucked away for the appropriate ensemble.

I swear by Munro shoes;  they are the most comfortable footwear. They are the absolute perfect heel; high enough to add sophistication and length  to my somewhat short legs, and low enough to wear all day.  I have several pair of Munro shoes, and I love them all.

I mentioned earlier that animal prints are continuing the trend through out the fall and winter. I have also seen a few looks in Resort wear 2017.

I do not have much in the way of colored animal prints (1 pair of red snakeskin narrow legged pants) but I do have a lot of the neutrals.  I do enjoy the animal prints and treat them as a classic; they always return to style, and most of my animal prints are conservatively cut. (I do expect the rage to die down within a season or two and lay dormant until the rage again re-appears).
As you can see, I keep a few accessories in animal prints.  In addition to the pictured items, I also have the brown leopard in a silk fabric.  I also have the black and white tiger print in silk.

Of course, I have to have a leopard handbag.  It has paid for itself many times over the years.  I will probably always love it as a statement look with all black pieces; the same is true of the Kors grey snake skin handbag.  I always love it with my grey capsule pieces

My personal "looks" were inspired by the
F/W 2016 runway shows viewed on; Veronique, #27 and #28, Topshop #2, Bottega Veneta #4, Dries Van Nolen #1, #9, Emanuel Ungaro #9 and #10, Givency #3, and REbecca Minkoff #8

Once again, thank you, Vogue

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