Sunday, November 20, 2016

Mature Fashion: New Website

At Last!!!....The "RockMy..." blogs are being incorporated into one website...RockMyAges.Info....All the runway pictures and "closet collections" etc., that have been the subject matter for this blog are now located on RockMyAges.Info.  Just click on the gallery/runway and there they are!

After over 12 thousand hits to this site, I anticipate this post will be the last to this particular blog...Hopefully, the readers will enjoy this site as much as they have apparently enjoyed the last.....

Happy Thanksgiving, to all stylinistas and fashionistas........!!!

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Mature Fashion: Vogue 2017 Spring Trend Predictions

Back in July I posted my expectations of some of the continuing trends ( that will still be worn Spring/Summer 2017. posted its official evaluation of the trends that will be really hot; I only nailed about half of  them.

It was obvious from the runway shows that designers still had a love affair with stripes and other graphic looks such as checks, etc; this time the stripes are mostly vertical, many are wavy, and bold unexpected color choices. Tops of all types still shouted out sometimes raunchy, sometimes exact slogans and other "messages".  Big sleeves and wide shoulders remain hot items.  Atheleisure wear is often highlighted with neon, and transparency still reigns in all designs from bridal wear to the work place. (I would still recommend one use a bit of judgement over that transparency; fortunately, most "mature' women would know that).  Both pink and white remain current in the designers palettes, as do python inspired animal prints.

Personally, I was surprised by the "hot pants" I described in an earlier post; Vogue more appropriately calls it a "swimwear" look, which is more accurate.  You can also expect to see more overall and jumpsuit looks in lighter materials and more streamlined, but still very "concrete" or "painter" vibed.

Florals are tending to be pretty busy and smaller, similar to those designs that one used to see on wallpaper; many of the prints are also "vague" in the color scheme, further extending the "wallpaper" theme. (that cherry themed blouse with those checked pants in my last post are going to fit right in!!)  My "amazing" slogan and Beatles graphic tops will still look fresh for spring and summer.

I have already identified which items in my closet I will be re-interpreting to keep my S/S 2017 looks current.  I will be wearing my slogan t-shirts,  gingham checks, and a lot of white; all paired with modern accessories. I also have floral skirts that will be very much in vogue.   I will NOT be wearing "swimwear" shorts, "statement" sleeves, or neon atheleisure, always remembering that none of those trends suit my tastes, age, or body type.  My transparent, if and when worn, will be translucent and suitable to my age and figure.  

This overview recaps the eleven trends Vogue expects to see in the fashion departments of shops after (before?) Christmas.  For the exact titles and more information on the looks, go to  (Thank you, Vogue)...

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Mature Fashion: Spring/Summer 2017:

I have not had the time to dress in the outfits I assembled for spring/summer 2017 when shopping my closet after viewing the latest fashion shows. I have the closet collection pretty much identified by now.

The first of my personal collections I am calling "Go Granny Gingham."  I mentioned in an earlier post that ginghams, especially unexpected mixes were shown on the runway.  Fortunately, I have several pieces of black and white checked gingham fabrics that I love.  This first ensemble combines the gingham pants with a black shirt patterned with cherries.  I have matched it with my Kate Spade purse and the cut-out high vamp heels so popular this last spring.  I will also wear it with the white turtleneck, and accessorize with the slave necklace and black and silver pendent along with a selection of black and silver bracelets.

I know the pictures look better when I actually wear the outfit, but I cannot spare the effort or time to model the ensembles; I simply have too much to do at this time.  I will post the rest of this collection (about six outfits) as I find the time to do so-probably one at a time.  I have five shirts in the gingham plaid (turquoise and white packed away until spring).  I have not yet decided how I will accessorize.  I have all winter to do that.

I haven't defined a name for the two other "looks" I plan for next season; the marine theme is still very much in vogue, some continuation of the steam punk circus.  I still have to decide the accessories, etc., but I will post them as I identify the combinations.  (I need to file them in my on-line style book so I can remember what I wanted to do!!

Basically, the results of "shopping my closet" show me that I do not have to include any new shopping to update my fashion looks.  I just need to wear them in such a way to reflect modern trends and not make them frumpy.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Mature Fashion:Transition 2016 Fall/Winter

I am posting a few of the outfits I planned after the F/W 2016 fashion week runway shows last February.  Soon I will be doing the same for the 2017 S/S collections.  The outfits pictured to the left are ones I am currently wearing, hopefully to incorporate the extreme weather differences usual for this time of year in California.  (it was 102 on Sunday, and reached the  high 60s today-it is expected to be in the high 90s this weekend; definitely layered dressing!!)  Note that I am wearing the ribbon wrapped collar necklace with the attached sparkling bow tie I mentioned in an earlier post and inspired by last season's runway.  (This is an example of using a little and inexpensive change to existing garments in my closet that effectively update an ensemble I wore last year.)  "" shows the outfit with the sweater I wear in the chilly evenings in the bay area.  (Note the nod to fur)

My next transition "costume" is a python themed ensemble of a semi-transparent short sleeved overblouse worn with a cotton based python patterned Channel cardigan but worn with twill grey clam digger (Capri?) length pants.  The silver python heeled flats are paired with a grey Michael Kors handbag.

The third outfit matches a silky leopard and pink/aqua floral blouse with a cotton based coordinated camel blazer and ankle length pants.  The print and color combination give a nod to the season's pink/camel color palette this season.  The pink leather Coach purse is paired with camel flats with a bronze horsehead motif.

This layered ensemble is made up of wide legged taupe
Capri pants, a striped scoop necked top over a funnel necked and long sleeved top.  For a little punch I layered a bone spiked necklace over a cats eye owl on a gossamer gold chain.  The shoes are Easy Spirit kitten heels paired with a Dooney Bourke Brown bucket bag.

This belted black turtleneck cotton overblouse is paired with olive cigarette legged pants and men's slip-on oxford look loafers, a camo patterned handbag, and olive cotton blazer; just right for fall; not too hot but seasonal (my personal wardrobe challenge is to keep curating my closet for more clothing that is both seasonal and temperature compatible.)

Of course, I have other transitional outfits I will be wearing until colder weather sets in; I am picturing myself wearing many of them on the other blogs ("" has four more.)  This particular post is meant to demonstrate how I easily transition the trends from season to season.

Visit "" for a "heads up" on 2017 Spring/Summer trends.  

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Mature Fashion: Seasonal "Transition"

Well, it is that time of year again where I am choosing to clear the clutter from my closet by ridding myself of garments that I do not plan on wearing in Spring/Summer 2017.  Although the runway shows will not appear until the week of September 21st, I will begin my transitional "fall" dressing just after Labor Day, and want to be sure I have the appropriate garments. I do this because the weather is still so warm during September and October that I need to choose "summer" fabrics in the fall colors, etc.  Frankly, by September 1, I am totally sick of summer weather!

I am ridding myself of more fashions than usual because I styled too many selections from the 2016 seasonal "looks" to demonstrate on the blog (Not So Old Glory, Beyond the boudoir, Glam Grams, Grandma Grunge, Global Granny were the "looks" I chose to shop my closets and wear this past spring/summer). 

I plan on ridding myself of the blouse and shoes from the first and second pictures, the matched pajama sets from pictures 3, four and five, the sweater from six, overshirt, pants, and shoes from 7, blouses from 8 and 9, sweater from 10, overblouse from 11 and 12, and the striped top from look 13. I eliminated the entire outfit in 14, and the pants from 15.

 These selections were made because (1) I thought the look had either topped its fashion season, (2) did not fit comfortably enough when actually wearing the garment, or (3) was showing signs of too much wear and need to be replaced. (4) The roles in my life have changed enough that I need to eliminate excess garments that are no longer applicable (5) I just got tired of the garment in some cases.

For example, the large anchor on the sweater and the Disney shirt were both "fun" the first two or three times I wore them, but I tired easily of that look-one of the reasons a stylinista wants to keep a core of "classic" garments.  If you will note, most of the garments I am removing are passing "fads."  An exception is the striped top in look 13; I just have a lot of stripes in the closet and may have to make a choice or two.  The jury is still out on all my striped tops as I have a lot of them.

I have removed these garments from the closet, some have already been disposed of, some I will retain until after the fashion shows to make sure I don't want to use them in a fresh "new" look for next Spring. (Don't you just hate it when you just get rid of something and then find you wish you hadn't?)

Obviously, I will continue to "curate the closet" over the next few weeks, both before and after the shows and make plans for purchases for next Spring.  I know that I will still have to eliminate more garments that serve more formal roles, both in my social and employment roles.

As you know, I try to put a price point on my investments.

I try to spend no more than $1.00 per wearing on any garment that I purchase.  I am very pleased to say that I have essentially stayed within that budget on each of the pictured stylings.  I got good use of the items this season, so I feel I have got my "money's worth".

All of the fashion magazines are on the shelves of the stores now; I am pleased to say that I already have all of my purchases made.  Spring/Summer is over for my wardrobe selections..I do have to admit I have already been wearing some of the fashionable trends for fall; that is also another reason I begin the "curating" process a bit early..

Happy styling, everyone;  I will probably post some of my personal runway inspirations next month, time permitting.  Keeping the blog really DOES help me stay more organized.

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Mature Fashion: Look # 6: The Steampunk Circus

I classify my fashion personality as a moderate classic with overtones of artistic sophistication with a touch of whimsy !! (how is that for a mouthful!!) Seriously, I have developed my own personal style and am comfortable with it.   I do feel great every time I style an outfit that I know is uniquely mine and presents the vibe that I want for myself and to present to the world.  I accomplish what the great Beau Brummel (first great arbiter of fashion?)  Consequently, I usually find at least one fashion trend that I can blend that seriously allows me to have a bit of "fun" and freshness to my wardrobe; this F/W 2016, I call the trend "the steampunk circus". (Back in February I posted how delighted I was with the fantasy feel of many of the runway shows, and am pleased to see some of those same themes carried through the couture shows.)

Although I am usually NOT a devotee of Victor and Rolf fashion style, I found their runway this season ideal as an example of using a styled fashion as inspiration for my own closet.  Look #31 of the 40 models ( F/W couture 2016) is what I used for the following "costumes".  I also think it is a perfect example for stepping a bit out of one's comfort zone to continually advance and refine my personal fashion style.

Once again, I already have everything in my closet to create the look right under the Viktor & Rolf model, but "would I have THOUGHT of combining the clothing in this manner without seeing the styling of Victor & Rolf?"-I think not, and that is the whole point of fashion "inspiration" and freshness in combining the same articles of clothing season after season.

In fact, I will make two further modifications to the styling before I wear it this fall.  I will layer a thin white turtleneck t-shirt under the ruffled collar (it was just TOO hot even with air conditioning to put another layer under the Brooks Brother ruffled shirt and the Urban Knit v-neck cashmere sweater for this picture).  I will also dangle a fob watch and Fossil Key (from one of my original keyed handbags-now collector items) from the waistband and ending at my hip just below the hem of the shirt.  I expect this will add to both the steampunk and men's wear vibe.  It will also provide the "feel" of all the dangles from the waistline without the bulk and "over the top" styling for a woman of my age.

I also chose these (I originally styled the outfit with jeans but they were too blah-( what you think?)), patterned pants to give the same feel in a more subdued manner than the Viktor & Rolf model.

I will wear only a discreet pair of over/under dangly earrings and my ring.  I feel the bows, dangles, patterns, etc. are enough embellishment for me. (I admit, if I were in my 30's, or even 40's, I would consider the jeans and a bit of embellishment such as that shown above.  

The height of this hat does not make the outfit look too "costumey", but provides the same effect with the blue, yellow, and red patterned Elaine gold scarf worn in my finished example; the pants are Chaps Denim and the men's buckled oxford are by Tahari (a steal at DSW for about $10.00 last year-already worn at least a dozen times-, and, oh, so comfortable!)

I might "trade up" the hat for a higher crown should I find just the right one at a low price.  I would be content with this one if I do not find it-my hat will be good forever.  A higher crowned "steampunk" version would certainly be just the right touch, but trendy; I would not pay more than $5.00 for a replacement.

I have not decided which handbag I will use, but I have plenty of time to do so before the weather is cool enough for wearing it.  In any event, I am pleased to add this bit of whimsy to my personal style for this fall's wardrobe.

This look is likely to be the last I will adopt for the season.  I posted back in February that there were actually over 40 "trends"; no way do I wish to incorporate more than these six. Besides, in most of the "looks", I will be incorporating more than one trend (not too many, usually no more than two), i.e., men's wear and ruffles with steampunk, painted boots with patterned and textured hosiery, colored fur with leather, etc.

Friday, July 8, 2016

Mature Fashion: Look # 5, Painted Leather

 Leather is still trending for F/W 2016; as usual with a bit of a twist.

My Fossil bucket bag I bought about six years ago is going to fit right in with the off-white/cream, pearl gray, and camel colors that are part of the fall and winter 2016 palette.

Decorated leather boots are a fun item to add to the almost Fantasy Land looks for the season.  The patterns are appliqued, painted, or stamped with whimsical or graphic patterns.  The Fossil will remain in my permanent accessories collection but the boots will soon be dated.  Using the current designs as inspiration, I painted (not completed yet!!) an old pair of boots and a black leather purse (purchased at a thrift shop for under $10.00) that I am also in the process of painting in coordinating colors. These items alone will give an up to date look to my fall wardrobe.  I cannot wait to wear them!  I also have two Ed Hardy painted leather belts that I expect to wear a lot..

For additional examples of items shown of this seasoan trned, view , Fendi  #23, Armani #44, Rebecca Taylor, numbers  #2. #3, and #6

Monday, June 20, 2016

Mature Fashion: F/W 2016 Look # 4 Animal Prints

Animal prints are still going strong for F/W 2016.  To the far left is the royal blue at home ensemble I wore quite a bit in FW 2015.  This was one of my favorite outfits and  I will continue to wear it well into FW 2016.   I will change the hat to the Black reversible leopard shown below and exchange the moto boots for the black Munro ankle boots I invested in FW 2014. (They look somewhat brown in this picture but they are really black). 

This is a good example of a simple change in accessories freshening a look.  It is also a prime example of why I keep a rather large selection of accessories. 

The cap is totally reversible and can be all black or all leopard should I choose to wear it that way.  I do have leopard boots also, and as you can see, a leopard handbag.  My personal styling preferences would prevent me from wearing any more than two items in my ensemble with this print, but I might opt to wear the leopard vest and boots and a solid black handbag and cap.  I also have leopard bracelets and earrings, all tucked away for the appropriate ensemble.

I swear by Munro shoes;  they are the most comfortable footwear. They are the absolute perfect heel; high enough to add sophistication and length  to my somewhat short legs, and low enough to wear all day.  I have several pair of Munro shoes, and I love them all.

I mentioned earlier that animal prints are continuing the trend through out the fall and winter. I have also seen a few looks in Resort wear 2017.

I do not have much in the way of colored animal prints (1 pair of red snakeskin narrow legged pants) but I do have a lot of the neutrals.  I do enjoy the animal prints and treat them as a classic; they always return to style, and most of my animal prints are conservatively cut. (I do expect the rage to die down within a season or two and lay dormant until the rage again re-appears).
As you can see, I keep a few accessories in animal prints.  In addition to the pictured items, I also have the brown leopard in a silk fabric.  I also have the black and white tiger print in silk.

Of course, I have to have a leopard handbag.  It has paid for itself many times over the years.  I will probably always love it as a statement look with all black pieces; the same is true of the Kors grey snake skin handbag.  I always love it with my grey capsule pieces

My personal "looks" were inspired by the
F/W 2016 runway shows viewed on; Veronique, #27 and #28, Topshop #2, Bottega Veneta #4, Dries Van Nolen #1, #9, Emanuel Ungaro #9 and #10, Givency #3, and REbecca Minkoff #8

Once again, thank you, Vogue

Friday, June 10, 2016

Mature Fashion : F/W 2016: Look #3 Funtime Fur

 Before anyone starts in about animal furs, I want t to let you know right up front that all the fur you see to you left is artificial fur!  The manufacturing process today is so good that most of the "fur" is so luxurious it feels as good as the real thing, and actually wears a whole lot better, and does not have the care or the expense ( I remember when women had to pay a refrigeration service to keep the furs cool in summer).

Notice that I have three different fluffy fur collars; one in black, one in greyish-white,  and one in a lovely cocoa brown.  I plan of wearing them with sweaters and blazers this fall.

To the left I found a golden beige that I spiked with black, crimson, and a royal blue (doesn't show up too well in the picture),   Of special note are the colorful furs of fall dyed in wild colors that present a whimsical carnival atmosphere.

 To your left you see the reproduction white fur clutch shown on the runway this spring. I was able to create my own version for far less money .  The purse I got on sale at DSW. Including the cost of the fabric dye, I spent less than $20.00 for my own take on this fall/winter fashion.  I plan on wearing it with my white quilted parka...of course, I have not tried on these ensembles yet, but that is my plan (It is too darned hot to try these outfits on now, and you know I am behind on my styling....but, at least I can show you what I have in mind...) 

You will also see two of the combinations I wore this last winter,  They transition beautifully into 2016 fashion.  I will "tweak" the looks by exchanging the turban for a Basque army beret (larger then the French classic) and the Greek sailor cap for the classic beret.  I will also exchange the moto boots for ankle boots but the rest of the outfits will remain the same. Both these looks will continue to get a lot of wear this fall; my favorite kind of outfit; comfortable, flattering, can be worn almost anywhere (and are), practical, and economical...what more can I ask?

Friday, May 20, 2016

Mature Fashion: Look #2; Noveau Neckwear

Accessories trends for the fall seasons emphasize
many funtime neckware accessories, especially when worn with layered collars. Anything with a tassel is very trendy.  Turtlenecks are still going strong for fall as well as heavily embellished pointed or "Peter Pan" collar shapes.  One difference in the embellished collars is that they are frequently not attached to a blouse but are worn over a complimentary neckline shape and tied at the throat. 

In this picture, I am wearing two crocheted collars, one on top of the other, both layered over a crew neck lightweight sweater..

An embroidered lace bib and drapery tiebacks worn loosely over any collar, and a bowtie attached to a corded necklace are some fun new accessories I added to my closet for FW 2016.

The unisex men's look is still going strong for F/W 2016. A selection of fun ties will be worn with the classic collared shirt.  You may recognize the green tie from my Lagerfield Lady "goth" Look #1; obviously inspired by Karl Lagerfield's embellished ties-the epitome of his elegance, and downright fun for me!

I decided to be a little crafty with some of my accessories this season.  I purchased a animal print blouse and a black satin blouse at the thrift store (each were priced under $5.00) and cut off the collars.  I purchased a roll of ribbon for the animal print (1.99 on sale), and used some on hand black satin ribbon to make my own un-attached collars.  I also wrapped the metal "slave necklace" in black grossgrain ribbon and pinned on the bow tie.  My total expense was under $15.00 as opposed to some collars I have seen for over $40.00.  I still have to apply the sew-on beads to the black collar. (cost on sale $2.99)  I am thinking about adding some beads to the orange tie, also...just thinkin'..

For inspiration  for my neckline looks, I reviewed  the fall 2016 runway shows on  I give credit to Dolce & Gabana, looks 25, 56, 71, and 88; Diane Von Furstenberg look 5, Chanel look 56, and Brunello, looks 2, 4, and 7.  Thank you again, for the best seats in the house!!