Sunday, August 28, 2016

Mature Fashion: Seasonal "Transition"

Well, it is that time of year again where I am choosing to clear the clutter from my closet by ridding myself of garments that I do not plan on wearing in Spring/Summer 2017.  Although the runway shows will not appear until the week of September 21st, I will begin my transitional "fall" dressing just after Labor Day, and want to be sure I have the appropriate garments. I do this because the weather is still so warm during September and October that I need to choose "summer" fabrics in the fall colors, etc.  Frankly, by September 1, I am totally sick of summer weather!

I am ridding myself of more fashions than usual because I styled too many selections from the 2016 seasonal "looks" to demonstrate on the blog (Not So Old Glory, Beyond the boudoir, Glam Grams, Grandma Grunge, Global Granny were the "looks" I chose to shop my closets and wear this past spring/summer). 

I plan on ridding myself of the blouse and shoes from the first and second pictures, the matched pajama sets from pictures 3, four and five, the sweater from six, overshirt, pants, and shoes from 7, blouses from 8 and 9, sweater from 10, overblouse from 11 and 12, and the striped top from look 13. I eliminated the entire outfit in 14, and the pants from 15.

 These selections were made because (1) I thought the look had either topped its fashion season, (2) did not fit comfortably enough when actually wearing the garment, or (3) was showing signs of too much wear and need to be replaced. (4) The roles in my life have changed enough that I need to eliminate excess garments that are no longer applicable (5) I just got tired of the garment in some cases.

For example, the large anchor on the sweater and the Disney shirt were both "fun" the first two or three times I wore them, but I tired easily of that look-one of the reasons a stylinista wants to keep a core of "classic" garments.  If you will note, most of the garments I am removing are passing "fads."  An exception is the striped top in look 13; I just have a lot of stripes in the closet and may have to make a choice or two.  The jury is still out on all my striped tops as I have a lot of them.

I have removed these garments from the closet, some have already been disposed of, some I will retain until after the fashion shows to make sure I don't want to use them in a fresh "new" look for next Spring. (Don't you just hate it when you just get rid of something and then find you wish you hadn't?)

Obviously, I will continue to "curate the closet" over the next few weeks, both before and after the shows and make plans for purchases for next Spring.  I know that I will still have to eliminate more garments that serve more formal roles, both in my social and employment roles.

As you know, I try to put a price point on my investments.

I try to spend no more than $1.00 per wearing on any garment that I purchase.  I am very pleased to say that I have essentially stayed within that budget on each of the pictured stylings.  I got good use of the items this season, so I feel I have got my "money's worth".

All of the fashion magazines are on the shelves of the stores now; I am pleased to say that I already have all of my purchases made.  Spring/Summer is over for my wardrobe selections..I do have to admit I have already been wearing some of the fashionable trends for fall; that is also another reason I begin the "curating" process a bit early..

Happy styling, everyone;  I will probably post some of my personal runway inspirations next month, time permitting.  Keeping the blog really DOES help me stay more organized.

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