Thursday, July 14, 2016

Mature Fashion: Look # 6: The Steampunk Circus

I classify my fashion personality as a moderate classic with overtones of artistic sophistication with a touch of whimsy !! (how is that for a mouthful!!) Seriously, I have developed my own personal style and am comfortable with it.   I do feel great every time I style an outfit that I know is uniquely mine and presents the vibe that I want for myself and to present to the world.  I accomplish what the great Beau Brummel (first great arbiter of fashion?)  Consequently, I usually find at least one fashion trend that I can blend that seriously allows me to have a bit of "fun" and freshness to my wardrobe; this F/W 2016, I call the trend "the steampunk circus". (Back in February I posted how delighted I was with the fantasy feel of many of the runway shows, and am pleased to see some of those same themes carried through the couture shows.)

Although I am usually NOT a devotee of Victor and Rolf fashion style, I found their runway this season ideal as an example of using a styled fashion as inspiration for my own closet.  Look #31 of the 40 models ( F/W couture 2016) is what I used for the following "costumes".  I also think it is a perfect example for stepping a bit out of one's comfort zone to continually advance and refine my personal fashion style.

Once again, I already have everything in my closet to create the look right under the Viktor & Rolf model, but "would I have THOUGHT of combining the clothing in this manner without seeing the styling of Victor & Rolf?"-I think not, and that is the whole point of fashion "inspiration" and freshness in combining the same articles of clothing season after season.

In fact, I will make two further modifications to the styling before I wear it this fall.  I will layer a thin white turtleneck t-shirt under the ruffled collar (it was just TOO hot even with air conditioning to put another layer under the Brooks Brother ruffled shirt and the Urban Knit v-neck cashmere sweater for this picture).  I will also dangle a fob watch and Fossil Key (from one of my original keyed handbags-now collector items) from the waistband and ending at my hip just below the hem of the shirt.  I expect this will add to both the steampunk and men's wear vibe.  It will also provide the "feel" of all the dangles from the waistline without the bulk and "over the top" styling for a woman of my age.

I also chose these (I originally styled the outfit with jeans but they were too blah-( what you think?)), patterned pants to give the same feel in a more subdued manner than the Viktor & Rolf model.

I will wear only a discreet pair of over/under dangly earrings and my ring.  I feel the bows, dangles, patterns, etc. are enough embellishment for me. (I admit, if I were in my 30's, or even 40's, I would consider the jeans and a bit of embellishment such as that shown above.  

The height of this hat does not make the outfit look too "costumey", but provides the same effect with the blue, yellow, and red patterned Elaine gold scarf worn in my finished example; the pants are Chaps Denim and the men's buckled oxford are by Tahari (a steal at DSW for about $10.00 last year-already worn at least a dozen times-, and, oh, so comfortable!)

I might "trade up" the hat for a higher crown should I find just the right one at a low price.  I would be content with this one if I do not find it-my hat will be good forever.  A higher crowned "steampunk" version would certainly be just the right touch, but trendy; I would not pay more than $5.00 for a replacement.

I have not decided which handbag I will use, but I have plenty of time to do so before the weather is cool enough for wearing it.  In any event, I am pleased to add this bit of whimsy to my personal style for this fall's wardrobe.

This look is likely to be the last I will adopt for the season.  I posted back in February that there were actually over 40 "trends"; no way do I wish to incorporate more than these six. Besides, in most of the "looks", I will be incorporating more than one trend (not too many, usually no more than two), i.e., men's wear and ruffles with steampunk, painted boots with patterned and textured hosiery, colored fur with leather, etc.

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