Sunday, October 9, 2016

Mature Fashion: Spring/Summer 2017:

I have not had the time to dress in the outfits I assembled for spring/summer 2017 when shopping my closet after viewing the latest fashion shows. I have the closet collection pretty much identified by now.

The first of my personal collections I am calling "Go Granny Gingham."  I mentioned in an earlier post that ginghams, especially unexpected mixes were shown on the runway.  Fortunately, I have several pieces of black and white checked gingham fabrics that I love.  This first ensemble combines the gingham pants with a black shirt patterned with cherries.  I have matched it with my Kate Spade purse and the cut-out high vamp heels so popular this last spring.  I will also wear it with the white turtleneck, and accessorize with the slave necklace and black and silver pendent along with a selection of black and silver bracelets.

I know the pictures look better when I actually wear the outfit, but I cannot spare the effort or time to model the ensembles; I simply have too much to do at this time.  I will post the rest of this collection (about six outfits) as I find the time to do so-probably one at a time.  I have five shirts in the gingham plaid (turquoise and white packed away until spring).  I have not yet decided how I will accessorize.  I have all winter to do that.

I haven't defined a name for the two other "looks" I plan for next season; the marine theme is still very much in vogue, some continuation of the steam punk circus.  I still have to decide the accessories, etc., but I will post them as I identify the combinations.  (I need to file them in my on-line style book so I can remember what I wanted to do!!

Basically, the results of "shopping my closet" show me that I do not have to include any new shopping to update my fashion looks.  I just need to wear them in such a way to reflect modern trends and not make them frumpy.

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