Saturday, October 15, 2016

Mature Fashion: Vogue 2017 Spring Trend Predictions

Back in July I posted my expectations of some of the continuing trends ( that will still be worn Spring/Summer 2017. posted its official evaluation of the trends that will be really hot; I only nailed about half of  them.

It was obvious from the runway shows that designers still had a love affair with stripes and other graphic looks such as checks, etc; this time the stripes are mostly vertical, many are wavy, and bold unexpected color choices. Tops of all types still shouted out sometimes raunchy, sometimes exact slogans and other "messages".  Big sleeves and wide shoulders remain hot items.  Atheleisure wear is often highlighted with neon, and transparency still reigns in all designs from bridal wear to the work place. (I would still recommend one use a bit of judgement over that transparency; fortunately, most "mature' women would know that).  Both pink and white remain current in the designers palettes, as do python inspired animal prints.

Personally, I was surprised by the "hot pants" I described in an earlier post; Vogue more appropriately calls it a "swimwear" look, which is more accurate.  You can also expect to see more overall and jumpsuit looks in lighter materials and more streamlined, but still very "concrete" or "painter" vibed.

Florals are tending to be pretty busy and smaller, similar to those designs that one used to see on wallpaper; many of the prints are also "vague" in the color scheme, further extending the "wallpaper" theme. (that cherry themed blouse with those checked pants in my last post are going to fit right in!!)  My "amazing" slogan and Beatles graphic tops will still look fresh for spring and summer.

I have already identified which items in my closet I will be re-interpreting to keep my S/S 2017 looks current.  I will be wearing my slogan t-shirts,  gingham checks, and a lot of white; all paired with modern accessories. I also have floral skirts that will be very much in vogue.   I will NOT be wearing "swimwear" shorts, "statement" sleeves, or neon atheleisure, always remembering that none of those trends suit my tastes, age, or body type.  My transparent, if and when worn, will be translucent and suitable to my age and figure.  

This overview recaps the eleven trends Vogue expects to see in the fashion departments of shops after (before?) Christmas.  For the exact titles and more information on the looks, go to  (Thank you, Vogue)...

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