Friday, May 20, 2016

Mature Fashion: Look #2; Noveau Neckwear

Accessories trends for the fall seasons emphasize
many funtime neckware accessories, especially when worn with layered collars. Anything with a tassel is very trendy.  Turtlenecks are still going strong for fall as well as heavily embellished pointed or "Peter Pan" collar shapes.  One difference in the embellished collars is that they are frequently not attached to a blouse but are worn over a complimentary neckline shape and tied at the throat. 

In this picture, I am wearing two crocheted collars, one on top of the other, both layered over a crew neck lightweight sweater..

An embroidered lace bib and drapery tiebacks worn loosely over any collar, and a bowtie attached to a corded necklace are some fun new accessories I added to my closet for FW 2016.

The unisex men's look is still going strong for F/W 2016. A selection of fun ties will be worn with the classic collared shirt.  You may recognize the green tie from my Lagerfield Lady "goth" Look #1; obviously inspired by Karl Lagerfield's embellished ties-the epitome of his elegance, and downright fun for me!

I decided to be a little crafty with some of my accessories this season.  I purchased a animal print blouse and a black satin blouse at the thrift store (each were priced under $5.00) and cut off the collars.  I purchased a roll of ribbon for the animal print (1.99 on sale), and used some on hand black satin ribbon to make my own un-attached collars.  I also wrapped the metal "slave necklace" in black grossgrain ribbon and pinned on the bow tie.  My total expense was under $15.00 as opposed to some collars I have seen for over $40.00.  I still have to apply the sew-on beads to the black collar. (cost on sale $2.99)  I am thinking about adding some beads to the orange tie, also...just thinkin'..

For inspiration  for my neckline looks, I reviewed  the fall 2016 runway shows on  I give credit to Dolce & Gabana, looks 25, 56, 71, and 88; Diane Von Furstenberg look 5, Chanel look 56, and Brunello, looks 2, 4, and 7.  Thank you again, for the best seats in the house!!  

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