Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Mature Fashion: F/W 2016: Look #1 : Goth a la Granny

Although Spring weather has just turned the corner (well, almost), it is actually time to begin wardrobe strategy for Fall.Winter 2016.  Hopefully, all stylinistas (and fashionistas, too) have cleared the closet of any items that needed to be replaced or which no longer serve her needs, and have organized her closet (s) for the summer.

One way to begin early shopping your closet for  Fall/Winter is to consider Pre-fall ensembles that are light weight  but have elements of the coming fall/winter season incorporated. One example is choosing a color palette that will meld from summer to fall. Cream, camel, and gray are still going strong this fall and winter; so is black and white and dark wash denim.  I am choosing to wear camel with forest green and wine toned purples as well as a lot of winter white. (Here is California it is often very weather well into early November).

Back in February I mentioned the 2016 season had a bit of something for everyone (43 different "trends" identified by the show reviews!!).  Obviously, most of us do not care for all the different fashion trends, etc;  that would be diversifying a bit too much for most of us more mature folk.  For my 2016 Fall/Winter "Closet Collections", I am going to try something a little different.  I will be demonstrating examples of my favorite looks compiled from my closet and refer you to the runway photos that inspired each look.  Each of these photos are courtesy of runway website.  I cannot show the picture (copyright infringement, etc.) itself, but I can tell you where I got it.  These photos are still available as of this date.

One of the strongest trends for the season is the layered influence in neckwear; all types and layers. The thin turtleneck is a "must have" for those who can (or want to) wear them.  They are being worn with a variety of plain and embellished pointed collars and as layers under crewnecks. The trend toward unisex dressing is still going strong.  Biker and construction boots with flat and/or heavy soles and heels is very much in the fashion mainstream, often worn with the dark edgy look of a modern day Goth. 

My first ensemble is inspired by my all time favorite elegant Goth, Karl Lagerfield.  I loved the tie with the lovely embellishments shown in Pre-Fall 2016 Chanel, photo #88; Fall/Winter Chanel, photo #94, and Fall/Winter 2016 Fendi, photo #46.  I fortunately spied the deep green floral decorated silk tie in a thrift shop for $3.00.  I already had the St. Laurent blazer, the green riding pants, and the transparent shirt with the heavily embellished collar in my closet. In fact, I also had the black turtleneck, velvet fur edged hat, gray/green handbag (hardware, dull brass) gray/green ankle boots, and dull gold belt in my closet (I changed out the gold belt for  a Ralph Lauren dark green with gold hardware).  Once again, I styled a great new look right on trend using my existing wardrobe and a $3.00 tie!!

The extremely elegant Mr. Lagerfield always looks superb.  I also used him as inspiration for my Fall/Winter 2015 Goth collection.  I am sure to wear the black ensemble again for the upcoming season just tweaking it a bit to update the look.  I will probably wear the same thin black turtleneck under the red neck scarf; I may also ditch the whimsical gauze peace symbol scarf (but maybe not?) I will substitute the Cossack fur hat for a black fedora hat (or a black beret) and wear the black buckled men's look shoe. (I do like the Dracula look! ) This update will cost me nothing as I still have each garment in my closet-serendipity; new look, no cost!!
I am sure you see the advantages of looking at the shows held during Fashion Week.  You will not see these trends displayed in fashion magazines, etc. for many more weeks (Probably August).  I have already made most of the purchases I want to make, and for a fraction of the cost when these items appear in the boutiques and fashionable department stores. 

Obviously, I cannot show you all examples of each trend, nor am I displaying all the different trends identified for the season.(You can see a list of the major trends on my previous posts Feb 16/2016)) I also have posts on, if you want more detail on the trends and details of Fall/Winter 2016.


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