Thursday, March 17, 2016

Mature Fashion: Spring/Summer add-ons

Greetings to all Stylinistas;

Spring is just around the corner; we have actually had a few days where the temperatures were in the upper 70's for part of the day.  Of course, we still expect more rain and hopefully, spring is only showing its brighter side.  

As you know, I already posted my closet collections for spring/summer 2016 and made a few additional  purchases to add to my wardrobe. etc.  I did this based on the ready-to-wear designer collections displayed at New York Fashion week back in September.I am beginning to wear those items that are 'transition' garments; heavy enough to keep out the flexible weather chill, but light and 'springy' enough to welcome spring.  The outfit to the left does both with the leather pants and heavy polyester top in a cheery black/white design.

I was able to create enough fashion ensembles based on the Spring/Summer runway shows to fill all my needs. However, I always take a peek at the major fashion magazines to check out their emerging spring styling and compare against the outfits I have earmarked for Spring/Summer. Of course, I also found a few looks that inspired me to create more outfits to add to my own projected spring wardrobe.  

In the  picture above is of one of the ensembles in my personal spring/summer collection, I deliberately left both the sleeve length and pant length on the long side.  This season's trend is mostly above the ankle, but this outfit flatters my body type when the length is a bit longer.  It is also "fashion forward" as the trendy lengths are either crop or baggy/sloppy. (the trend is going to continue through pre-fall 2016 and Fall/Winter 2016.  The look suits both my personal aesthetic and body type.

I have also included a picture of five additional articles I am adding to my closet for this season.  I purchased all of them new and at slashed prices during the winter sales.  Knowing ahead of time that these articles would work with the latest trends I was able to enlarge my options for this season.  All but the anchor printed top will also be used in combinations for the fall/winter season. (I don't believe the item will be a keeper for me, and I will only be wearing it a few times).

At present, I am searching out items I can use to create my personal closet collection for fall.  I hope to have the collections completed during the next couple of weeks.  How quickly I can do that will depend upon my return to the role of salesperson at the patio store. 

I would love to see some combinations from your closets..


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