Thursday, February 18, 2016

Mature Fashion: Base Capsule: Gray

Base '3'
Greetings, Stylinistas

I am presenting in this runway one of my own color capsules.

Although this capsule has been years in the making, the elements apply to any person (woman or man of any age) who is just beginning to acquire a wardrobe, changing a core color, or converting from a closet of 'outfits' to a totally cohesive capsule wardrobe. It does not matter if one is just beginning a collection or has been doing so for many years.

A capsule begins with three 'must have' items; a top, a bottom, and a garment that can be used as a jacket.  (if worn in a conservative professional environment, fabric should be in the same shade and material). She must also have a good pair of neutral shoes and handbag and very basic jewelry (a watch, a neck chain, and a pair of small stud earrings will carry the day).  Of course, these accessories should compliment in some way your chosen color. (or cohesive element such as material, etc.)

Actually, if using color as your capsule theme, just these three items worn with any appropriate existing items in your closet can be mixed to create very stylish "outfits".  This is where styling comes into play. Depending upon the occasion and what you already own determines how many garments you will need to add to your capsule.  All you have is tee-shirts, you say? T's can be worn under an  open blouse or a jacket to create many looks with just the addition of simple jewelry , a small scarf, a tie, macrame fringes, etc. How many different combinations can you make with the items you already have?  Granted, they are all centered in the same top and bottoms until you can afford to make your next core purchase. Simple shirts, and the ubiquitous white button down can also be combined for a unique look.  This is the time for the imagination to soar.

Additional garments can be added one by one over time, but each addition must contain some element of the same color and tone.  Each capsule garment should be cut in a timeless and classic design to coordinate with the top and bottom already purchased. These base garments can be enhanced each season with inexpensive trendy garments and accessories.

The concept works best when you choose at least one other capsule color for your wardrobe.  My core capsule colors are gray and navy. You will note many of the garments shown in my grey capsule also blend with navy. Over the years I have also added a basic neutral top and bottom in cream, black, chocolate, camel, plum, hunter green, and red to extend my wardrobe indefinitely.  I also have basic accessories such as shoes and handbag in each of the neutrals.  Future posts will deal with my basic mix and match strategies.

As I mentioned earlier, I have been collecting this capsule for many years.  I actually have more garments that are not shown such as coats, sweaters, more scarves,  etc. that are not shown. Any new piece I purchase, other than a disposable trendy item must coordinate with at least three garments I already have. The bottom picture illustrates five 'trendy' garments that will most likely be replaced at the end of this fashion season with more trendy items.

I love the core capsule concepts; I literally never have to be concerned if I have an appropriate outfit for any occasion; I know I do.  I am always able to keep my wardrobe fresh and within my clothing budget.  I also have fun styling for each upcoming season and anticipate the great looks I can created with new fashion trends.  I hope that you do, too.


  1. Wow!! I can definitely see a lot of possibilities here. Love the bold stripes on the dress and the buckle on the shoe really adds an extra "pop". Nice collection.

  2. Wow!! I can definitely see a lot of possibilities here. Love the bold stripes on the dress and the buckle on the shoe really adds an extra "pop". Nice collection.

  3. Thank you, Tonya

    The striped sweater dress is one of my 'trendy' add-ons that will probably be replaced within a few seasons unless it can be easily and inexpensively modified. At my price point of $1.00 per wearing, it has almost completely paid for itself already. I anticipate I may be soon shortening it for a shorter tunic length to be worn with pants. I know I could do that now but with my short height, I think the proportions would be better if it was shorter.

  4. Dear Tonya,..I forgot to mention I purchased the shoe just this year. It is the exact pearl grey as one of my blazers, in patent leather, and the buckle can be easily enhanced with a trendy bauble, etc. attached to the buckle. I expect to get a lot of wear out of it this spring and summer; enough to pay for the $7.00 BOGO at Payless Shoe Source.