Friday, November 13, 2015

Mature Fashion: Holidays 2015

 Happy Holidays, Stylinistas;

As always, I begin any fashion season by shopping my closet;
Here is what I have on hand, and I have already received my first Christmas party invitation.  I have not shown jewelry with most of these styling combinations because I will choose based on the nature of the event.  The same could apply to choice of shoe. The pictures show the entire "capsule" collection of garments I use for holiday.  I do not attend a great many social occasions where I need to diversify my wardrobe and further.  It is "bare bones: by intention.

To the left is the "tatoo" transparent cardigan you have seen before; it is perfect with the textured velvet and lace trimmed camisole and filmy wide legged lingerie pants (I'm getting a jump on this springs rage for lingerie dressing)  I will wear this with the velvet shoulder clutch and velvet high vamp heel for a more modern touch than the strappy heel usually expected.

I have shown a collection of appropriate changes I could make for other occasions (this kind of capsule dressing is ideal for cruise and other events where you have many "dressy" affairs but must limit your wardrobe. Obviously, all of these tops can be worn with the two pair of pants displayed.

More tops, all in satin; an alternate heeled shoe in velvet. I also have two turtle neck thin sweaters with glitter threads in lilac and
deep blue that are not shown.

More tops and accessories.  I have shown additional cover-ups, a red lace turtleneck, and silver heels should I wear the jacket.
I am really not happy with the photography detail of these materials;( more learning curve, I see.) I have also decided to eliminate the green and silver top and jacket and the harlequin heels.  Although they work with the above item, they are really not cohesive with the more modern looks I would wear. The jacket is a bit "tired", also.

The tatoo cardigan over a black velvet camisole. I love this little cardigan (jacket)  I wear it as a cover up in warmer weather also to disguise my rather heavy upper arms.

Black velvet slim pants worn with a silver and black velvet overblouse, the clunky high vamp heels because this combination is really a bit "old" in its 1980's look..  I have a shoulder cape in black wool I would wear with this to update the look. This picture does not do the combination justice. I am also thinking about a look I saw in one of the fashion magazines.  It uses a piece of black net veiling over the eyes.  That would give a bit of edginess to an older classic look.

A purchase I made this summer on sale at T.J. Maxx; a gold dress that I can wear with the gold sandals and this small dull gold bag; I will, however, get busy looking for just the right gold heels which I would like better.  I will be willing to bet, however, that some of our "young" mature ladies would prefer the gladiators.  This is a beautiful dress.  Just the right amount of bling. This dress will also work for some upcoming weddings I anticipate.

The ever basic black long lace dress with matching evening heels.  I always wear a lace jacket over this. (shown next to the red lace turtleneck in the above picture-same lace, same detail). I last wore this dress to a formal Masonic dinner.  You cannot see the detail on the front very well, but it is immensely flattering I doubt I will be wearing it this season, but you never know. I may try and make an occasion!  I really feel glamorous in the dress; especially when I wear my wool shoulder cape. 

Gold and black glinting tops, and sparkly layers of jewelry.  On hand for any last minute dress up. The gold sweaters are just the right shade for my coloring; not too brassy. They wear well with anything from dark wash jeans to velvet pants.  The jacket really is classic; I have had it for many years and it still looks fresh with the accessory updates; love it.

Black sequin skirt and top.  All of these items are mix and match; jewelry, if any,  depending upon event.  Jacket or cardigan works with any of the above. To be worn with glittery or black sheer tights, the rage this year. More likely to be worn if I attend an expected lively party.  The skirt may soon become a garment I would discard because of lack of wear.  I will probably keep the top as long as it remains in good condition and fits me well.

Any festive holiday event is covered with some combination of the above garments, However, you can see why I will  take inventory before any future holiday season; After taking the inventory, (primarily to write this article) I realize that I really need (want) a gold pair of comfortable dressy heels to match my dress .  I only have three pair of shoes I would wear with the dress, the above gladiators (fine for this year because of the trend, but not what I would choose to wear).  I do have dull gold loafers (not appropriate with dress), and nude patent heels, which would be appropriate for a day wedding, but not my choice for an evening social event. I believe I need just the right gold shoe (My personal style still likes monochrome; it suits my body and can always be accessorized to keep up with current trends).  I also want to purchase both a silver and a gold evening purse.  I also need a better velvet jacket and a pair of glittery tights.  I have lace ones that would be okay, but that is what it would be; make do.  Of course, until I try it on, I won't know.  All over glitter might be too much.

Happy Holidays to you and your family;  new collections after Christmas; I will soon be releasing my potential stylings for the upcoming spring and summer anticipated fashions. This will give us a chance to pick up garments we might want at a price point less than when the fashion is in full swing. ........Geneva White


  1. Absolutely love the gold dress and the sequined top and skirt. Lovely addition to any wardrobe.

    1. Thanks, Tonya..These are the type of basics most of us need on hand for the unexpected fashion emergency. I chose this dress because it is also suitable for weddings and other formal day wear for any time of year. Note; I did go out and buy some gold heels. I am using the gold gladiators with one of the "closet collections s/s 2016 "Glam Grams". Thanks for sharing.