Thursday, October 29, 2015

Mature Fashion: Rocking Stripes

Hello again, Stylinistas;

Two stripes going in opposite directions; The wide legged cropped matador inspired pants in a charcoal and pearl narrow stripe are paired with the charcoal and black high neck button collar in the same tones.  The black in balanced with the printed leather heeled ankle boots.  I will use a dark red or dark green handbag to add a pop of color to the ensemble.

A preview of one of my spring fashions from "Not So Old Glory," a 2016 fashion theme based on the colors of the American Flag.
The bold red and white stripes are paired  with narrow red riding pants and boots and accessorized with the faux alligator royal blue handbag.  The rectangular scarf is a geometric red white and blue yachting design, an upcoming spring trend.  Every item already existed in the closet; cost of fashion update $0.

Two examples of floral prints and stripes; one with the trendy Polynesian print and Chinese influence of Spring 2016.  Both styles will be worn with wide legged crop pants. Last year this jacket was paired with a black and white polka dots in polished cotton and black faux leather slim pants.  Lots and lots of compliments.

This combination and the one above are to be worn Spring 2016 in my "Global Granny" styling choices. 

An outfit styled for this past summer; will transition nicely into this spring  simply by exchanging the heels for ankle boots or for a more utilitarian look wearing a work boot and a canvas bag or backpack.

Another outfit styled for this past summer that will be re-interpreted next spring with a wildly colored multi-graphic scarf. The red shoes and handbag will be exchanged for plain black to balance the almost garish scarf. An example up updating your fashion saavy by simply updating an accessory or two (or three).

Of course, these examples only demonstrate using stripes with other patterns.  Obviously, you have many, many combinations of using stripes effectively with solids.  The only caution I might remind you of, is making sure the tones of the stripes are compatible.  Not all stripes look good with the color of the solid just because it is the same color.

Happy Styling..............Geneva.

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