Friday, October 23, 2015

Mature Fashion: Rocking 21st Century Mod

Hello Stylinistas.....

Some of these ensembles have been shown in some of the trend collections already (animal prints, patterns and textures, etc.) because they represent both a trend and a fashion interpretation. Some of the combinations also fit in more than one fashion catagory. The picture on the left shows a vintage dark camel suede skimmer jacket trimmed with a mink collar. The faux suede camel riding pants reminiscent of stirrup pants, ruffled v-neckedpaisley camel/red blouse with flared wrist definitely remind one of Laura Ashley. Red and camel Dansko clogs, a cowhide alligator print handbag, Indianna Jones slouch hat, and brown leather gloves update this look borrowed from the 60's.

The outfit is minimally accessorized with a gold lariat necklace layered with slim triangle bar. 

This combination was also shown in "Granny" because it represents the combining of plaid patterns, but also belongs in the Mod fashion scene because of the skirt length, turtleneck collar, and updated boot.

Just like in the 60's, this just above the knee skirt will be worn with tights, but today's will be black textured and worn with heeled ankle boots rather than the flat heeled "go-go" boot worn in that age. The plaid scarf also reflects the "blown out plaid" and the trendy camel color.

The turtle neck over blouse was a fashion feature of Mod design and so were leopard animal prints, especially in early Mod.  In the combination to your left, the animal print trapezoid overblouse covers the thin silky turtleneck t-shirt.  The tops are matched with a darker leopard print and black and leopard flat heeled shoes.  The pop of a turquoise handbag update the look right into 21st Century Mod. (check out October issue of Vogue)

Once again, just layering a multi-colored almost garish short sleeved shirt over the same silky turtleneck and adding lace-up black heeled suede boots update the look of this season's Mod. This style of boot also gives an elegant look suitable to Mature Fashionistas. The youngsters in their forties might choose to be a bit more adventurous in choosing footwear and accessories. It is a maxim of mine (and most stylists) that it is wise to use more restraint with each decade of our more mature years.(That is not a hard and fast rule, however!! It depends on the outfit, the occasion, and your personal face, figure, and personality)  Let judgement be your guide.

I love this combination of black and mustard yellow.  The shoes have very squared toes from seasons ago, but the heel is this season's favorite. I am glad I had them on hand.  Black textured tights, slightly dangling over/under silver earrings are the only accessories that will be worn except for the Chrome Hearts dagger design handbag to give the look a slight edge. (I'm also getting a lot of wear out of that handbag this year).

An updated interpretation right out of the sixties.  Using the winter white trend of the season, I have paired a white wool textured skirt with a sporty fleece vest (high tech quilted parachute material would be better, but this is what I have) layered over a Breton like stripe long sleeved t-shirt over a thin white turtleneck undershirt.  White cabled tights worn with red suede ankle boots replace the trademark white Correges boot all fashionistas of the 60's had to have. I used an off-white leather handbag with silver hardware and a silver/pearl lariat necklace as additional accessories.  I will wear this look right into spring (maybe I can find a quilted vest in the material I want for the right price). The choice of colors and texture it what brings this outfit into the 21st century.

Update 11/4/15:

This week I discovered a jacket that had the characteristics I mentioned in the original styling (the pix above).  I could remove the sleeves and make a vest, however, I liked the look (for me)
better using it as a light jacket; one more reason to create a stylebook (mental or pix) to assist in grabbing a 'rocking'  outfit from the closet.

This picture was taken last year for my personal stylebook for Fall 2014.  I am showing the picture now because it will demonstrate how you can update your style easily without needing a new wardrobe every season.  As you can see in the picture I styled this with a large "statement" necklace, sheer black tights, and Mary Jane sturdy heels. I wore it to Thanksgiving dinner.  I am re-styling it for 2015 by discarding the necklace, putting the silky long sleeved turtleneck t-shirt under it (that top is getting a lot of wear this season!), substituting the sheer black tights for textured patterned one, and wearing men style flats.  I will wear the large black pearl over/under earrings and carry a large black handbag with silver hardware. 

You will notice I frequently use the expression "it's the little things".  The little changes we make can punch up our look with little or no trouble or expense. It does not have to take much time or money to maintain your sense of style, just the will and imagination to stretch your boundaries a little.

Almost every combination on this page are likely to experience the same make-over next year.................Happy Styling,.........Geneva

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