Sunday, October 18, 2015

Rocking Lolita

Hello Stylinistas!

Rocking the Lolita look for me was a personal challenge because I maintain a timeless and versatile wardrobe that can support any fashion look with just a few tweaks.  I had to think a bit as to how I would accomplish this with combinations I would love to wear because this particular look is not the fashion aesthetic I usually choose. I trust that I have demonstrated the mature woman can wear this style and not look as "mutton dressed as lamb". (I am 72, therefore my selections are more conservative than I would suggest for someone in her forties, etc.  Let judgement be your guide.)

I took the Lolita challenge and here are the seven outfits I produced. (Please forgive the less than professional quality of the pictures-I am working on it-(expanding my technical horizons? I believe a poor picture is better than no picture in this case.) Each of these looks are something I will wear at least once; I will feel comfortable wearing each of them.

The ensemble in the upper left hand corner gives a touch of the "lolita" when I added the cinch belt to a classic white skirt, a printed top with small pink and red hearts as a design, white hose, cream leather heels, and a large fuzzy handbag with heart charm embellishments and white jade hoop earrings.  I will top this with a heavy cream cashmere cardigan with a Peter Pan collar.

To your left, the asymmetric neckline of the three-quarter sleeve ribbed sweater with its reverse knit pattern just under the bust adds a touch of sophisticated sex appeal to the simple sweater skirt combination.  The flirty printed heels in a cream/red  fabric and red patent add a sense of fun to the ensemble.  The watch is a black heart faced Brighton and all is worn with the black floppy fedora; all worn with the furry over sized handbag. I love it.

I really wish I had the signature heart shaped sunglasses for this combination.  I love the outfit and certainly will wear it several times.  I believe it perfectly demonstrates how a mature woman can wear above the knee skirts in current fashions while still projecting a sophisticated and elegant appearance, especially if I wear the hat above (I will, but I couldn't call attention to the sunglasses for this picture).

As you can see in the picture below, I simply combined a silky long sleeved turtleneck with the A-lined skirt.  The interest details of the skirt with its wrap-around pleated hem line I  loved when I purchased it some time ago.  Styling for Lolita gave me the opportunity to pull together my favorite look for this particular skirt.  The knife edged small pleats are right on trend.  When I wear it  I layer two heart pendents, one small marquisette on a thick silver chain and a larger Mother of Pearl heart with silver lattice work (not shown below).  I like the look better with the layering.

The structured purse is a two toned black and brown crocodile Brighton embellished with its signature heart detail.  The high vamp shoes are suede and leather giving the combination of simple skirt and sweater a youthful and modern look. I also happen to have a black banded heart shaped Brighton watch.  Love it; so far it is my favorite pick for dressing 'Lolita'.

In this next ensemble I am wearing footless leggings in a silky polyester fabric that coordinates nicely with the under dress of the black heavily embroidered silk overdress.  The sleeves are just long enough to cover 'bat wing' flabbiness of my mature upper arms. (note how seldom you will see short sleeves in my fashion collections). I accessorized with slinky black suede heels, a fuzzy turbin/cap and black/white diamond pendent and earrings.  I accompanied with the same fuzzy over sized handbag that would not be expected in this environment.  I believe the appropriate but unexpected is one of the characteristics of fresh and youthful styling at any age.

This ensemble was worn last spring.When I was styling it, I recalled some of the early Marilyn Monroe looks.  It transitions easily into Lolita

The pink polished cotton crop pants hit perfectly below the widest part of my calf and look great with the monochrome pink dollhouse patent heels.  I wore the matching gingham boy cut shirt with the sleeves rolled up.  Accessories include the white MOP heart necklace and another Brighton handbag in cream leather.  I also wore a back-up pair of flat soled patent pointed toe flats when I was not wearing heels.

I'm sure you get the message that I was unaware I was already wearing some version of Lolita even when I said I did not personally care for it.  It was not a favorite, but I will get the wear out of it.

I also wore this re-imagined Lolita style  a few times this spring and summer.  I made both the pink and red cherry design trousers and blouse to match the Kate Spade handbag re gifted to me by a long time friend who did not like the cherries.

I wore the raspberry patent shoes as an accessory because I believed red was just too boring and I wanted a fresh look.  I am going to add the signature white MOP necklace when I  wear it this fall with a black cashmere cardigan.  

I am showing a combination I wore last spring when it was still cold enough to wear a sweater.  I wore gladiators because it was spring and it was the "it" shoe.  I love the combination of this pink knit/crochet  turtleneck cashmere sweater with the dangling mini pom-poms.  Well, pink is certainly a fresh color for winter this year and will look wonderful with the floral jeans.  I will replace gladiators with some black crocodile patent loafers I already have in the closet and exchange the statement necklace in the photo for the signature MOP pendant with chain.  I will top it with the black knit asymmetric stripe front cardigan shown in the boho post.

Here are a week's worth of examples in the Lolita fashion vein for Fall 2016.  The post for next week will be the Bedford Avenue Granny.  I hope all you Lolita style types will share with me some of the combinations you feel "Rock".  Check out "" for more styling topics...Happy styling!.........Geneva

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