Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Mature Fashion: Rocking Fashion Nun

Hello Stylinistas;

The last style postings of my personal closet interpretations of the
Fall/Winter 2015 Fashion week  is the minimalist Nun fashion type.  

The upper left hand corner shows me dressed in the ensemble on the left.  I am wearing wide legged just above the ankle pants with a black jersey camisole layered over a long sleeved white shirt.   I have no jewelry on except the black double layered beads under the shirt collar. Plain oval toe flats and a plain black handbag complete the outfit.

Photography details are skimpy on this picture:  A black knee length short sleeved  button up the front raw silk dress over a turtleneck long sleeved white silk t-shirt is worn under an ankle length knit sleeveless duster.  White knit tights are worn with black leather ankle boots and a Chrome Hearts handbag with the 7 cross design.  The only jewelry is the multi-stoned silver cross an black  button earrings.

I re-imagined the nun in white trousers topped with a simple round necked lace short sleeved white overblouse over the same white silk t-shirt as above. The outfit is accessorized with men style buckle oxford and the same black handbag. The cross is worn at a shorter length than above. I would wear this with the short black cape shown in the Goth collection.

I had styled the pink tuxedo outfit for Spring/Summer 2015.  A simple substitution of either the ankle boots or the plain oval toed flat pumps in the first picture for the gladiator sandals would re-imagine our nun personna fashion look for Fall 2015.  I will add the short black cape for wear this fall.  If I had one in my closet, I would prefer a cape neckline oversized wooly long sweater, but I do not.

The crop wide leg wool trousers are paired with a white turtle neck t-shirt under a matching crew neck cashmere sweater. The accessories include knit black tights, grey suede heeled ankle boots, a lighter grey canvas initialed handbag to lighten up the mood a bit.  An ankle length wool coat would be worn with this outfit, weather permitting.


This ensemble can be worn by a fashion nun of any age.  The sleeveless black wool hem pleated dress worn over the cotton high necked t-shirt provides the monastic theme of the style.  The accessories are the catalyst for creating the perfect mood and touch.  I My closet contained the knit black tights, the men style buckle shoes, and the saddle stitched handbag.  I chose the lariat silver with pearl necklace instead of a cross to lighten the mood.  I would wear the black wool shoulder cape if the weather required more warmth.

The styling of "Fashion Nun" from my closet concludes my demonstration that almost anyone can create any prevailing fashion style or mood by just mixing and matching items in your closet.  It does require trying new combinations and possibly the purchase of a very few items.  In this runway interpretation I have shown all six of the prevailing 2015 Fall fashion themes from fashion week last February: Lolita, Bedford Ave. Granny, Forever Boho, 21st Century Mod, Goth Girl, and now, Fashion Nun.

I do wish to complete the trend examples and will post Rocking Stripes soon.  Also, I will soon begin styling the fashions I wish to wear for Spring 2016.  I also hope to demonstrate a few fun outfits for the fast approaching holiday season!  Happy Styling.....Geneva

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