Sunday, October 25, 2015

Mature Fashion: Rocking Goth

Hello Stylistas;

Right out of 2015 Transyllvania......  Today's men's look clothing are spot on for an elegant Goth look.  Of course, the inspiration for this is our leading bad guy, Dracula.

This ensemble is composed of a black woolen blazer, a classic white pleated front tuxedo shirt, narrow stretch trousers (I mixed materials to lighten the formality of too  much of a suit) and added a satin cumberbund and red satin neck scarf.  I accessorized with the men's style buckle shoe and a gauzy "peace" symbol scarf just for fun.  I added a Maltese cross to the lapel of the blazer and will carry the Chrome Hearts handbag with the Cross pattern.

I call this my Lagerfield ensemble.  Karl Lagerfield is a perfect re-interpretation of Dracula.  The signature black gloves, leather boots, white shirt, and sunglasses have to be represented in any Goth collection. To lighten the darkness but stay true to the mood, I have added a gold multi-layered chain belt and black Paloma messenger bag that is right on trend but lightens the mood.

Closer detail of the neckwear and lapel pin

I call this interpretation "Lady Lagerfield"  This silk satin blouse is paired with the cream wool skirt, the gloves, coat and boots from the above  photo. I have exchanged the chain belt with a black satin cumberbund and the Paloma purse for the edgier Chrome Hearts Dagger Design.  The necklace is a silver/bone spike necklace.

 A slightly frivolous Scots Goth. She wears her wool cape over
a black wool pleated jumper worn over a silk long sleeved argyle shirt.  She will wear black textured tights and black ankle Boots paired with leather gloves accented with the plaid wool.  Of course, she will carry her Chrome Hearts Dagger design handbag.

Our mature Lady Goth is wearing an embroidered high neck, long sleeve lace blouse accented with a floral silk scarf that contains red roses.  The blouse is paired with a gored mid calf wool skirt.  The rose pattern in the scarf is reflected in the black tights with its embroidered rose  just above the ankle.  She will wear her Oxford style lace up low heeled shoes and her Chrome Hearts Dagger design handbag.

Our lady Goth is wearing the same lace blouse under a lace cardigan in the same pattern over an embroidered lace skirt in a slightly larger pattern. A fuzzy feathery turban hat, a stark black leather bag accented with a small silk square, and over the knee leather boots demonstrate mature "attitude."  The silver and bone spiked necklace add a bit more punch to the ensemble.

Lady goth goes a bit lighter in the faux Persian lamb cuffed jacket worn over the black lace blouse and wide legged wool blend mid calf pants.  The ensemble is accessorized with the turban, edgy purse, black textured lace lights, grey leather faux fur trimmed gloves and the necklace.

How Goth can you go?.....Happy Styling......Geneva

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