Sunday, October 11, 2015

Rocking Boho

Hello Stylinistas;

I was surprised that I had so many things in my closet that worked well together to create my own subtle Boho look. The only item that was new was the handbag (camel fringed  cream  embroidered lace flap handbag,) and with coupons, discounts, etc., I only paid $10.00. (this out of the $60.00 budget I allowed for this look.)  The cardigan sweater on your left is heavily embroidered with a lush floral design all around the edges of the sleeves and at the waist; this just over an edging of crocheted yarn in the same shade and material as the sweater. The cigarette pants is in a slightly deeper shade of eggplant as the cardigan.  The under layer is a wine red turtleneck in the same shade as the boots.I also have a wine red Indianna Jones hat I can wear if desired.

The crocheted lace topper  is the reason I bought the Boho handbag.  I actually had purchased this a week earlier for $8.00 to go with a winter white pair of pants I want to wear this fall. All the remaining items were already in my closet.  I have paired the camel pants with a cream heather T-shirt and accessorized with embroidered lace skimmers, a camel Indianna Jones style hat, a fringed camel leather/turquoise beads belt, and a mixed stone/turquoise necklace.

This combination is so versatile; I can also wear it with camel ankle boots and/or a camel shirt.  A multi-colored banded top would also look wonderful under the white lace; in fact, I have at least five or six more ways I could style this emsemble. This combination adds a youthful look to my Boho collection yet is suitable for the more mature woman.

I paired the fringed matador look knit sweater with leather pants, boots, flat to wool hat, and black satchel for a Spanish look.  I used only the pearl and silver lariat style necklace and a plain black satchel as accessories.

This look is so much fun.  I had all the elements on hand; I just did not think to combine them this way.  The skirt is a handmade
silk plaid gored mid-calf skirt.  The shirt is white embroidered lace (sorry, you can't see much detail-working on that!) topped with a Heavily embroidered black lace vest embellished with crystal drops.  I accessorized with a black cinch belt, black and white pearl beads, black matador hat, over-the-knee leather boots, and a silver leather satchel.  I love it (I still cannot believe I didn't consider Boho when styling my winter wardrobe.)

This is the same black duster I wore on the Boho overview of rockmyages.  I am wearing it over a rust colored long sleeved v-neck t-shirt and black, rust, and cream striped long straight legged pants.(I need as much length as I can get for my rather short legs.)

I accessorized with black leather ankle boots, a black satchel, and wore a black onyx cuff layer with a silver bead Pandora bracelet and a beaded bib necklace as jewelry, a somewhat monastic interpretation of the Boho look. 

The striped pants and minimalistic styling update the look while maintaining a Boho feel for the mature woman

A little unexpected for a Boho look, but lots of fun.  I paired the eggplant pants with a lighter shade Nehru style long shirt heavily embroidered all down the front.  I added a very ethnic long filmy scarf, eggplant heels, and a eggplant/black rocker print fedora. No jewelry except over/under black earrings and the camel fringed handbag give a Boho vibe to this ensemble

I mentioned earlier that I received an unplanned benefit when styling my closet for styles I do not utilize very much.  I was able to find many flattering and suitable combinations for the "over forty" crowd, as well as being suitable for someone who has range of motion issues. 

This outfit shows better in real life than the picture, but I simply could not take a picture that displayed both the detail and the overall silhouette. (I mentioned I am still looking for better ways to shoot these pictures without either a model or camera person).

The skirt is more flared than it appears in this shot, topped with a black turtleneck overblouse and black leather vest.  It is worn with black textured tights and my wonderful Munro Low vamp ankle boots. (very much a "comfort shoe", but always fashionable.)

silver and black beads and matching drop earrings worn with the black matador hat and black leather satchel complete a Boho look very suitable to a mature woman, yet very much on trend.

I have given a few examples here...Happy Styling...Geneva

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