Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Mature Fashion: Rocking Leather

Althoug this combination was shown in "rocking animal prints" but I am showing it her again because it is an example of subtle use of more than one current design element in the same combination.  

 This outfit is instantly on trend simply by combining existing classics with footwear that is one of this years favorite boots and touches of gold tone metal. 

I have used a leather jacket trimmed with beading, a hand made slightly flared skirt, a classic V-neck shirt with graduating ruffled trim at the neckline.  I have added a double layered marine chain link belt with a hanging fob at the waist and a simple black shoulder handbag with the Paloma insignia in gold tone.  No other jewelry except simple gold button earrings; all this on trend with the season's minimalistic approach to jewelry.
A black leather vest paired with a pair of clam digger length pants, a white blouse with narrow black double rowed stripes, the black ankle boots, and a Chrome Hearts Cross bag provide an edgy western 
flavor to this combination.  I am wearing a single string of irregular white pearls and a string of black spinel beads.  The shirt will be tucked in and worn with a simple black belt. 
 I actually wore this combination during our very cold spring season this year but I plan on wearing it this fall.  The leather pants give a slight edge to the Hawaiian print silk jacket and the polished cotton polka dot polo shirt.  I have paired this with the Cross bag, high vamp leather heels, and the string of pearls.  

If it is very cold or overcast, I will change the jacket for a classic black blazer and black leather boots.  The polished cotton polka dot over blouse  will be sufficient to keep the combination from looking dated. All of the items exist in my
current wardrobe.

Rocking red leather.  A classic nautical print silk blouse is paired with a red leather vest; the bottom half is a pair of straight legged navy pants, navy suede boots, and a red leather purse.  The only jewelry worn is the same gold button earrings.  If weather requires more coverage, it will be worn with a navy wool

pea jacket. 

This look is all about leather. I will wear the leather knee length coat with leather pants (this length coat over pants is on trend this season).  I will wear it with an oversized sweater with a cowl collar and a pendent.  The kitten heeled ankle boots and  black Chrome Hearts handbag, black leather gloves, rust and black cashmere scarf, and possibly a leather cap will complete the edgy but sophisticated look.

This combination was also worn this spring during our cold spell.  I paired the leather pants with a transparent sport overblouse, gladiator sandals and a camel shoulder bag.  For winter I will substitute the sandals for a pair of black ankle boots and add the black leather vest.  I will use the same jewelry and purse.  Once again I will be updating my look without adding to my wardrobe.

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