Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Mature Fashion: S/S 2016: Release #2 "Not So Old Glory"

Hello Stylinistas:

One of this season's fashion themes is all about the colors in the American Flag.  I call my closet collection "Not So Old Glory" as tribute to the proliferation of red, white, and blue (Marc Jacobs, etc.) and stars and stripe references in many of the designer collections in the ready to wear runway shows at New York Fashion Week. 

You know I always shop my closet first for freshening the look of my wardrobe.  Most of the items you see I already had on hand. However, I was in a thrift store a few weeks ago, and just had to have the over blouse for this look; it had all the colors and the look of the garments in some of the runway shows. It is also amazingly comfortable. The black area on the forearm is the quilted "elbow patch", adding to the sportiness.  I may also wear my red suede ankle boots with this ensemble if I am out and about. The simple boater canvas shoes with the flag design are from Payless shoe store which I purchased for our last 4th of July sale at American Leisure Patio store where I work part time in the busy summer season.  I will wear these several times over the summer with special sales, etc.

I call this blazer my "circus " jacket. (can't you just see this with a white flat topped white satin straw hat and a baton?) I wore this jacket a few times last year for work; I re-mixed it this year with the white turtle and red polka dotted t-shirt over red cotton trousers and red toeless patent heels.  As you can see, these ensembles will do double duty in my various roles this season!

The first sale of the season will be President's day weekend in mid-February.  If I have returned to work (it all depends on the weather, and work volume) I will wear the denim dress worn as a knee length coat over jeans and the retro 60's tie-dye cotton ribbed t-shirt. These details were also inspired by the spring fashion shows.  Denim, especially light weight dark and medium wash were liberally represented by the designers.  

 I accessorized with a navy polka dot silk scarf tied in a bow at the neckline, navy blue ankle boots, navy leather watch  and red over and under earrings.  It should be both weather and role appropriate for that time of year (technically not spring, but this is California). The only item I bought was the t-shirt for $4.00.  All other items were in the closet

The ensemble on the right is probably my favorite of the four I am showing. (Note the same top garments in the following pictures but with different pants and shoes.) The polyester sleeveless tank with the apron waistline works great with the royal blue jeans (different shades of color but same tone). Serendipity for me; the shade and tone is exactly the same as the shade and tone of the Coach loafers I bought a couple of years ago at a bargain price; I broke up any "matchy-matchy" feel with the white lace jacket and the geometric red and white arrow stripes of the infinity gauze scarf.  (purchased at Goodwill Industries for $2.79)

This ensemble is more interesting than its sister in the white clam-digger (BTW, when I wear the combination on each side of this, I will exchange the canvas shoes for white sling back heels (from these pictures, I can see they would give me better proportion-remember what I said about mirrors and cameras as best friends!!)) BTW, there is another example of this mix shown on "" where I announce the release.

Each of these looks are understated as representative of the 2016 Spring collections; this is intentional for two reasons; (1) I personally am not crazy about the extreme mish-mash of the bold patterns prevalent in the season's look (2) being on the older side of mature, too much clutter would simply not feel right for me at my age.  Having said that, were I forty-ish, I am sure I  would be a bit more bold in my styling.

In "Not So Old Glory", I have mixed in just a touch of the denim look, the red/white/blue, and the tie dye look without being too literal in interpreting the American Flag; just alluding to the theme.  These looks satisfy my updating of the fashion scene for spring.   I would love to hear from you letting me know how you are going to interpret this spring fashion theme.

Happy Styling,

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