Sunday, December 13, 2015

Mature Fashion: S/S Spring 2016::Release #3 "Grandma's Grunge"

Hello Stylinistas;

This mature grandma (actually, great-grandma)is wearing her "Abbey Road" tee-shirt over a white long sleeved cotton tee-shirt.  The shirts are paired with cotton poly slim legged trousers and accessorized with boyfriend watch, moto boots, and a leather cap. Heavy hardware give an interpretive moto look to the white cream handbag.
Abbey Road tee cost $10.00.
All other items were already in the closet. 

The plaid polyester blouse is matched with a dull metallic faux leather pants, camel ankle boots, and a dark green and gold bucket bag, picking up the colors of the plaid stripes.

 A camel felt Indianna Jones hat will be worn if working out in the sunlight.
The shirt was purchased for $9.00 at Ross.  All other items were also in my closet. I love my camel ankle boots with the look, but if it is too warm, I have a pair of neutral croc patent clogs that will also look good.

Two cotton polyester shirts are worn, a plaid and a gingham, one on top of the other.  The under layer is a mini-lavender gingham 3/4 length sleeve; the top shirt is a raspberry lavender plaid with cuff facings that blend with the plaid.
Another nod to the continued blending of multiple prints.

Depending upon the warmth of the weather, one can simply remove the top shirt.  Here in the Bay Area, we usually need to be prepared for cool mornings even on the hottest day.

The shirts are worn over wide legged ankle cuffed blue jeans that I have had forever (they will also be useful for the Nautical look).

I am showing them with both the white skimmers and matching blue denim wedges.  Should I have an errand to run the wedges, a wine colored fedora hat and a puce leather basket weave handbag will complete the ensemble.  All items for the ensemble were already in my closet.  Total cost for all three season updates is under $20.00. I can also  create at least ten more "grunge" looks using other shirts , caps, pants, shoes, and tee-shirts from my closet without any additional spending.....If you are a "grunge" gal, plaid are very big this season; also a variety of sturdy boots and clogs, and the ever popular dark blue denim.  The prevalence of light weight denim is just in time for the spring fashion season.

I would love to read about some of the combinations you find in your closet. 


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