Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Mature Fashion: S/S 2016: Release #6 "Glam Grams"

Hello, Fashionistas and Stylinistas;

Here is my new "golden girl" outfit.  I certainly do not feel frumpy in this ensemble.

Here are the gold gladiators I would not wear with the party dress I showed in my holiday collections.  Although I do have a dull gold leather handbag, I think I like the bronze metallic leather better with the dull gold faux leather pants (same one I wore in "grunge".  The Heavy Gold Embroidered blouse is worn over a satin slip top camisole.  I have accessorized with the gold hoop earrings, and the white jade jeweled drop, and multiple gold, pearl, and diamond rings. Glamorous, and oh, so comfortable!! Gold top was on sale at Ross for $9.00.
All other items; in the closet.

This outfit is one of the types I most like to style; I am using classic pieces in almost everything I am wearing but just
adding a few touches with the accessories update the look immediately. Of course, the heavy lace textured hose and beaded suede pumps raised the volume of up to date fashion without cluttering the classic glamour look.  For this combination I accessorized with a classic silver and cabochon garnet Maltese cross pin on the collar and a gold and crystal station neck chain worn under the collar of the classic deep blue silk satin shirt.  I belted the overlapped slit skirt (all the way to the waist-the skirt will show a bit of leg but the hose are so heavily textured I will be decent) 

Not visible are gold, diamond, and pearl rings and black spinel and gold hoop earrings.  Another look I made with the same items except I eliminated the headband and wore a thin feathered toque around the neck and trailing down the back (feathers are also a fashion item for spring) The band and toque were both crocheted with feathery yarn as a present.  Lucky me!!
Total cost for this ensemble; $12.00 for the tights.

The third combination I am showing really makes me think of an old time movie. It is black crushed velvet jacket trimmed in black satin and embroidered with a lovely subtle satin rose pattern.  I have combined it with a pleated front heavy cream satin blouse and black satin tuxedo pants.

To give it a more modern touch, I have worn a drop antique Florentine chain with an amythyst and ruby antique bar pendant.  I am showing it with a textured pattern black fedora hat and a feathery/furry large handbag trimmed with Kathy V trademark crystal and silver fobs. I will also wear a selection of mixed gold rings.  All items are already in my closet:  Total cost for all three looks; $21.00

I think I am going to amp it up a bit more when I really wear it by changing the gold and beige metallic shoes for black crystal encrusted evening shoes (I think the gold looks a bit too relaxed, but it will actually depend upon the occasion.  

All these photos will go in my style book to await the time when I will actually wear them; one benefit is the ability to make a tweak or two to the styling before I wear the ensemble; it also saves me a lot of time when I get dressed because I can gather all the items quickly.

Happy Styling, Stylinistas;.........Geneva...........Rockmyages@aol.com


  1. Love the "glam gram" outfits. I would wear any of them. I especially liked the golden girl blouse for only $12.00. That's my kind of shopping. WOW...Ali

    1. Thanks, Ali...I hope you and your family had a very happy holiday season. Btw, they have the same top in cream at Ross; the sleeves are shorter, but long enough, for me at least. Share with me some of your holiday garments in which you feel the most festive; I would love to hear about them.

      I am working on a post about least expensive ways to keep in style; I'm sure you have some great ideas about that.