Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Mature Fashion: S/S 2016: Release #4 Beyond the Boudoir

Hello Stylinistas:

I have to admit I wore this outfit for several hours the day I modeled it.  It was so comfortable and I felt so elegant wearing it. I had already taken my photo of  the laydown so the belt is not shown. 

When I put it on, I thought of the cinch belt.  I also substituted the high vamp heels for the sandals. I think I will be wearing this one quite a few times this summer; it will be just right for several occasions, work included. The sheen of the fabric is distorted because of the design. These pajamas were bought (never worn) at a local thrift store for $12.00.

This lavender outfit is also very comfortable, however, I won't be wearing it in my work role at the patio store.  This look is just a little too "fashion forward" for the type of work that I do; also the fabric of most pajamas with the 'luxe look is just not appropriate for the kind of work that needs to be done.  It would snag on everything.  I will wear it to a Sunday brunch, or certainly an "at home" role. I had the pajamas tucked away in a drawer and have only worn them a few times. The silk camisole I have had for years; total cost, none.

I love this look; once again the outfit is very comfortable and just right for the spring
and summer climate.  The tailored black satin pants compliment the kimono look lingerie wrap.  I am wearing it open, but the garment can be tied from both inside and out.  I am showing the tail in the laydown, but when I am wearing it, it is tied in back and dangling; another little touch that was common in the runway shows. (you had dangling narrow scarfs, belt ties, etc.) The black satin pants and camisole I have had forever.  I purchased the black satin kimono top for $5.00 at Goodwill.  Total cost for this look was under $20.00.

The outfits I have shown are very conservative as suit the roles I play in my lifestyle.  Slip dresses and shorter slips worn as tunic heavily embroidered in statement designs were very noticeable in the collections.  If I had the figure for it and less aged skin, I would certainly wear one to an evening function. No doubt there will be a lot of controversy over the wearing of lingerie as a fashion statement.  I have already had one friend tell me that "she doesn't believe in wearing lingerie in the daytime', as though it made a difference if the fabric is cotton or polyester satin or the lace is more embroidered.  There go those "rules" again!! I am going to love seeing women who are flattered by this look wear the garments.  I think they will be lovely.

Happy Styling,

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