Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Mature Fashion: S/S 2016: Release #5 "Global Grandma"

Hello Stylinistas;

Note:  Please excuse the layout of this post; I have not been able to make it all line up properly (the previews show it correctly, but not the release-still having difficulties with some of the technicalities of the programs-It has also shown up out of order in posting date.)

The silk Polynesian jacket is worn over an elbow length sleeve black and white stripe tee and black polyester wide legged cropped trousers. Black open toed patent pumps and a black satin straw handbag complete the ensemble

All garments in this look were already in my closet.  No cost; new outfit

This mature global stylinista just returned from Spain where she took in all the latest fashion. Whether it was Madrid, Toledo, or Sevilla, she loved the traditional flamenco wear she saw in clubs wherever she went.

She re-interpreted that look with this stylish combination for her S/S 2016 wardrobe. She mixed a red lace mock turtle poly-cotton overblouse, a poly cream/taupe polka dotted skirt with a flare, and sturdy heeled leather Mary Jane shoes. The drop earrings and necklace were black onyx and silver and gave the right vibe.  This was paired with a faux fur, silver emblemed black leather handbag.  All Items were already in her closet; just recombined to give a slight Spanish flair.

As you have no doubt notices, this is the same skirt, blouse, and tee from "Natty Nauticals".  I just used a different purse, shoes, and hat to cast an East Indian flavor to the ensemble.  The shoe colors are an exact match to the colors of the skirt and tops (a current fashion no-no, but very much a Geneva style) I wanted to keep 3 patterns working. (the stripes, statement handbag, and the two toned shoes subtlety update a look that could be ho-hum).  Elephants, monkeys, and a continued use of snakeskin adorn many of this season's garments.  All items except the purse (obtained at a thrift store for $6.00) were already in the closet.

Total cost for the entire global "closet collection" was $6.00.

I can style more outfits just using the theme handbag; One outfit I am imagining is all about denim and cream.  I will show this in one of my s/s 2016 posts. Of course, I am also envisioning some safari linen ensembles, but I haven't added them to my stylebook yet.

Happy Styling, Stylinistas; ........Geneva.............Rockmyages@aol.com

Its the little things:

Remember, accessories are your best friend; them and the way you put them together is what creates authentic style.  The bonus part is most accessories take up little space, you can usually obtain them at your price point, and often they last forever. 

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