Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Mature Fashion: S/S 2016: Release #1 "Natty Nauticals"

Hello Stylinistas:

Here is the first of my stylings for Spring/Summer 2016. As you may already know, the nautical themes were strongly represented in the Spring 2016 New York Fashion Week . Nautical themes are certainly one of my favorite classic themes.  

I have presented here my interpretation of the theme which I have named  "Natty Nauticals."

The black and white stripes of the tops in the photos in the upper photos are more modern for the seasons nautical themes. I am pairing the top with black cotton poly trousers, the black leather bag with the anchor theme, and black and white kitten heels. It is just right for late spring and summer.  Love it!

A sleeveless  white linen blouse is used as a vest and worn over cotton gently flared crop pants.  The fine line heather stripe is in black rather than the expected navy.  A black leather structured bag with an anchor suggest the nautical theme as well as a small silver anchor necklace and a white square faced watch with a double steel marine chain band.  Love it already !

Nautical themes using unexpected color combinations are a new look this season.  I have paired a taupe silk sleeveless blouse used as a vest over the varied width stripes in navy and beige.  Using my usual monochrome color schemes for tops and bottom, I have paired the taupe slim hem pleated skirt and added navy striped heels.  I have accessorized with a Paloma black leather bag, my favored star fish necklace, and twin silver bracelets. 

I have actually identified several other combinations in my closet, (12, actually) however, the ones displayed address the 2016 Spring fashion trends of white, nautical black and white, and the continuation of stripes as fashion themes with a nautical look. 

By the way, bringing me up to date in this fashion theme only cost me $7.98 for the beige, navy, and white t-shirt that looks like it cost at least $20.00.  I did purchase two other t-shirts (on sale at Wal-Mart for $4.00 each) that will work with the combinations not shown. Total added cost for a nautical themed closet: $16.00 (plus tax).  A bargain, don't you think?  

Okay, Stylinistas, how many fashion forward outfits can you identify in your closet? (remember, fashionistas buy fashion, stylinistas create fashion)

"Natty nauticals" are one of six "Runways" I will demonstrate before the season begins; should you desire to adapt that look into your spring/summer wardrobe you have time to plan your own purchases for the upcoming season.

Happy Styling, Stylinistas;


  1. Great idea, visiting your closet! I found a white jacket with black stripes that will work great with the nautical theme. Also found a pair of white wide leg pants. I think I may even have a white sailor hat somewhere...I hope. Keep the suggestions coming girl....Ali

  2. Dear Ali;..You sound like a gal who really knows how to rock her closet. I would love to see a picture of the ensemble when you put it together. The sailor hat sounds like a nice touch. It would be a refreshing change from the yachting caps we have seen on the models these past years.